Master of Eton: trans girls are not really girls

The Master of Eton has announced that should any of his pupils decide to ‘change their gender’ they would be allowed to remain in the school. Now, I’ve met my share of Old Etonians and basis that experience the notion of any current Eton pupil opting to do this seems vanishingly remote. But, says the Master of Eton, if a pupil did he would not be asked to leave the school.

This has been reported by The Guardian as a nice progressive thing. But he also says that Eton has no plans to admit girls. Think about that for a minute. If Eton has no plans to admit girls, but would permit a transgender ‘girl’ to remain at the school, then clearly he considers them to be really boys. Or at least not girls.

I’m not going to do a long rant about male privilege here. But something odd is going on. Trans women seem keen to assert their womanhood in order to insert themselves into women’s changing rooms and other sex-segregated places, but considerably more reluctant to accept a post-transition exclusion from spaces where natal women would not be admitted. Bruce Jenner retains his golf club membership post-transition; the Savile Club in Mayfair has permitted a member to remain despite being in transition to ‘become a woman’. And it appears that the world-class education at Eton, not available to natal girls, is (hypothetically at least) nonetheless available to trans ones.

The ratchet of exclusion, it seems, only works one way. Trans females are 100% genuinely female when it comes to their participation in female spaces, but exceptions are somehow made when the prospect of relinquishing their access to exclusive all-male clubs and societies rears its head. Funny that.

Trans women can’t have it both ways. If Bruce, or the nameless Savile member, or any other male putative ‘woman’ really wants to be a woman, then they should take it for the team and stand down. Accept their exclusion like the natal women they claim they really truly have been all along. Otherwise these august establishments are confirming what women have been saying all along: trans women aren’t really women. If they were, we’d exclude them.

Where is the outrage at this rampant transphobia? Trans activists should be picketing Eton College, Sherwood Country Club and the Savile Club to demand that they treat their transgender members as real women and exclude them. And the fact that this isn’t happening does nothing to dispel the impression natal women are getting, that not even trans women really think they’re women. Not in situations where being a woman might actually have a downside.

2 thoughts on “Master of Eton: trans girls are not really girls

  1. Trans-identified females are equally hypocritical. Girls who transition in a private girls’ school remain there, rather than moving a boys’ sch00l:

    At an American university, a woman who identifies as a man wanted to join a sorority rather than a fraternity.


    1. Absolutely. Transitioning to become ‘male’ without leaving an all girls’ school says loud and clear that neither the trans-identified girl nor their schoolmates and teachers really believes they are male. This is transphobia and I can’t imagine why the trans community is not protesting it more loudly.

      More seriously, what this betrays in both cases is the underlying homophobia of transgenderism, and it’s profoundly reactionary attitude to sex role stereotypes. The vast majority of young people who exhibit gender dysphoria from a young age grow up to be gay or lesbian. Thus a transgender youth still at school is, in a reality that most people tacitly acknowledge, actually a gay adolescent. The fact that everyone is willing to pretend that they are actually the opposite sex, to the point of letting them mutilate their bodies, while still keeping them in a single-sex environment, attests to how deep the revulsion against homosexuality really goes even in supposedly progressive people. It also shows the horrific lengths people are often willing to go to in order to avoid having a gay child, if there is any risk that child might be ‘butch’ or ‘sissy’. Eh the gay community is not up in arms about this full-throated assault on the right of gay kids to grow up in whole and healthy camp or butch bodies is utterly beyond me.


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